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Helpful Hints

  1. After installing My Computer Cop, clear your browser's cache by deleting all cache files. (In MSIE6+: click Tools > Internet Options > Temporary Internet Files > Delete Files. In Netscape: click Edit > Preferences > Advanced > Cache > Clear Memory Cache and Clear Disk Cache.) This will remove, if any exist, previously stored web pages containing unwanted content, tracking banners, cookie code etc.
  2. Delete all old cookies unless you need them for logins. If you are able to identify those which you need, delete the others. If this is something you don't understand you can contact us at or just let it be. My Computer Cop will block most tracking sites even if they have already stored a cookie on your computer.
  3. Synchronize your system clock by using My Computer Cop's "Time Sync" feature located in the Program Group. This requires that Microsoft Scripting Host (Installed with Microsoft Internet Explorer) be installed on your computer and working properly.
  4. Make certain that your browser settings and e-mail client settings are set minimally at the default level. Higher security levels are even better but can be prohibitive. You should also use Internet Explorer's "Content Advisor" which does a word filtering routine on visited web sites and attempts to block those containing key words you have predetermined. You'll find that feature under the "Content" tab in your "Internet Options" panel. My Computer Cop does not block out bad words, it barricades your computer against certain entire pornographic web sites, particularly those that employ intrusive trackers. It is a good idea to use your browser's "Content Advisor" on computers where children are users to block out pages from "soft porn" or "adult entertainment" sites that are popping up almost daily across the internet. Many of these are no more than traffic generating affiliates to hard core sex sites, displaying dozens of links and banners to these undesirable sites. We are doing our best to track these and build My Computer Cop's database on a continuing basis. You are entitled to free upgrades for the version you have purchased.  
  5. While visiting your favourite web sites, click the "View" tab in Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 6 or greater. Slide down to "Privacy Report" and select it. A window will open on your computer screen. When the window opens you will see a white panel within the window which displays all the URNs (source location) for the objects making up the content of the visited page. Select one of these with your mouse and as you do you will see a button on the window labelled "Summary" come alive. Press the "Summary" button. Another window will open. The privacy policy of the web site owner supplying the referenced object will pop up. Read it. If it doesn't open after a short wait, and if the browser tells you it can't find such a privacy policy posted for that site, be wary. Below the panel you will see three options for cookies. Select the level of security you wish to use.
  6. We are very keen to assist any parent who seeks to enhance Internet safety for their children. As a licensed user, we would be pleased to generate a custom variant of My Computer Cop for you to include blocking of any particular web site you want to keep your children away from. Contact; explain your circumstance; provide the exact Fully Qualified Domain Name(s) you wish blocked; and be sure to include your initial order information and the e-mail address you registered with. We will do our best to accomodate all requests in the order they are received.

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